Archaeologists continue digging site of Ancient Greek poet’s tomb

Archaeologists continue digging site of ancient Greek poet’s tomb

Archaeologists continue digging site of ancient Greek poet’s tomb

The memorial tomb of the ancient Greek didactic poet Aratus in the southern Turkish province of Mersin (Greek Myrsini), continues to intrigue archaeologists.

The team led by academic Remzi Yağcı from Dokuz Eylül University, have been carrying out excavations to unearth the monumental grave of the ancient Greek poet Aratus, which is inside the ancient city of Soli Poempiopolis.

The tomb was already discovered three years ago, but archaeologists were not allowed to open it. The tomb of Aratus is of great importance for the region and so are the ruins of the ancient city.

According to reports, the team who were given the 'green light', reached the inner walls on the sixth day of the works.  Yağcı said that the team was unearthing pieces one relic at a time, hence, why they don’t know what exactly they are dealing with and how its shape will turn out to be.

Deniz Kaplan, an academic from Mersin University’s archaeology department, said he was thrilled by the findings. “We’re still at the start of things. But we’ve encountered a circular structure surrounded by two rows of hexagonal shapes. The shapes, however, can change the more the digs continue and become clearer. We can say clearer things in the future,” he said.

The team previously unearthed many glorious artefacts from thousands of years ago, including statues of gods, streets lined by columns with busts of emperors and senior managers, a theatre, as well as the city’s harbour and aqueduct.

Mezitli Mayor Neşet Tarhan said he has been visiting the site frequently to encourage the digs and is keen to see the findings unveiled, so that they can be introduced to the world.

*Image credit: Hurrriyet Daily News

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