The Europeans and the U.S. want Greece to retreat despite Turkey’s provocations

The Europeans and the U.S. want Greece to retreat despite Turkey's provocations 1

Everyone is worried – the U.S. and the Europeans with the German “friends” – they say they are worried about the tension between the Greeks and the Turks, but none of them dare to say who is causing it.

Everyone is calling for “de-escalation,” but no one dares to say anything to Turkey.

Everyone talks about “international law” and refuses to accept that Turkey has turned it into a joke.

Everyone avoids condemning Turkish nonsense in the Aegean, Mediterranean, Libya and Iraq…

Europeans are inactive at a totalitarian leader who violates human rights and freedoms and do absolutely nothing! In Venezuela and Belarus they pretend to be “lions” and in Turkey they are silent.

They all put forward their economic and accounting interests, putting in second place the geopolitics and the democracy that Europe is supposed to serve. We say now… Europeans and Americans are looking forward to moving their “economic activities” from China to Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan “bakes” them and guarantees them starvation wages and the provision of working conditions of the Middle Ages.

Somehow, all these so-called defenders of democracy and the rule of law are waiting for Greece to back down from the irrational demands of the Turkish regime. This is the so-called support for “statements of support” and “understanding”. All of them seek this and in retreat they want to push us.

In 1996 it was “you will be killed for two rocks”? Now it is “but for such an island you will make war”? The misfortune for Greece is that inside the country there are even members of the Greek parliament bidding !!! The videos are circulating with their statements on the internet that say that “Kastelorizo ​​has 480 inhabitants and Turkey has millions, so what can we do”! They have said it, they have been registered and yet they were chosen to go on the ballot and they are members of the Greek Parliament.

So everyone is asking us to back off. People have understood this and are watching the developments rather “frozen.” Today we find an inexplicable… anxiety of Greek politicians to “go and talk to Turkey.” But they do not tell us what to go and discuss.

Our retreat is sought and awaited by the “allies”. Nothing else.

Will we meet their expectations?

Paris Karvounopoulos is one of Greece’s most respect journalists and writes on Militaire.

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