Turkey caught spreading fake news about "damaged" Greek warship to cover embarrassment

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Turkish media have taken fake news to a whole new level by showing a falsified photo and reporting false information about the Greek frigate Limnos and its episode with the Turkish frigate Kemal Reis, Eleftheros Typos highlighted.

The Turks after the accident where the 38-year-old Limnos took out the Kemal Reis, one of the best ships in the Turkish Navy, out of service for a few months are trying in every way to cover up this embarrassment.

So the editor attempted some fake news with great imagination.

The online version of Yeni Şafak published an article with the title "Turkish slap on the Greek Limnos" and the subtitle "Here is what Limnos suffered from Kemal Reis when it tried to block Oruç Reis."

Yeni Safak Limnos fake news

The text is accompanied by a photo of the Greek frigate, which "shows for the first time" the "damage" suffered by the Greek frigate while also stating in a variegated style that "the Greeks paid a high price," that the frigate suffered damage to the bow and was withdrawn for repairs and, in an obvious attempt to create impressions, the newspaper claims that Greek Twitter users are supposedly wondering "if with this fleet we will face Turkey."

This is an unaltered image of the Limnos.

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And this is Yeni Şafak's hilarious and amateur photoshop of the Limnos frigate.

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With a simple zoom in the photo, one will notice that at the point where, according to the Turks, the Greek frigate has been damaged, there is a hilarious shark, accompanied by the caption: "The bow of the ship became useless."

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Earlier in the day, the Turkish Defense Ministry released a video via twitter, which shows the F-247 frigate Kemal Reis which continues to sail in the East Mediterranean.

However, most observers highlight that towards the end of the video, the Turkish frigate is tilting inexplicably for no reason despite the sea being calm, suggesting that it sustained heavy damage from the Limnos.

The Turks then attempted to claim that the Limnos sustained heavy damage to its bow. The so-called "hole" shown however is actually the nest of the anchor, as seen in the photo below.

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Turkey is one of the lowest ranked countries for media freedoms in the world, is the second most susceptible country surveyed on the European continent and its surrounds to fake news, has the most journalists jailed in the whole world, and 90% of media is government controlled.

With the 38-year-old Limnos ship outmaneuvering and damaging the Kemal Reis, considered one of the best ships in the Turkish navy, Turkey is desperately trying to hide this embarrassment as their own victory, as reported by Greek City Times yesterday.