Greek Party leader: Women need weapons training too

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The Party leader of the Greek Solution political party has said that Greek women need weapons training and that illegal immigrants need to be transferred to uninhabited islands.

The comments were made at a time when hostilities with Turkey are escalating.

Greece currently hosts tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, many of whom openly declare that they prefer Turkey to Greece, as previously reported by Greek City Times, prompting Kyriakos Velopoulos, the head of the Greek Solution, to announce that they need to be on uninhibited islands.

"The government should implement the comprehensive proposal of the Greek Solution to transfer all illegal immigrants that Turkey will use as a 'Fifth Phalanx' to structures on uninhabited islands," said Velopoulos.

In the context of growing escalations with Turkey, Velopoulos suggested that Greee must "immediately start training Greek women in weapons and first aid."

He also suggested that vacations for lawmakers must be stopped during times of crisis.

"Parliament should be opened immediately. In times of crisis, vacations for governors and MPs are prohibited," said the head of the Greek Solution.

Meanwhile, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias was in Israel on Thursday to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyaju and his Israeli counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi, as reported by Greek City Times.

During the separate meetings, Dendias said he “had the opportunity to thank the Israeli side for its clear position on the issue of Turkey’s violations of international legality in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

“I made clear to my Israeli interlocutors that Turkey’s violations of international legality constitute a risk for all countries in the region and jeopardise security and stability,” he added.

Apart from the Turkish violations in the eastern Mediterranean, the FM also had the opportunity to talk about energy security issues and the EastMed pipeline. The 1,900-kilometre EastMed pipeline, which has been in planning for several years, is intended to provide an alternative gas source for energy-hungry Europe, which is largely dependent on supplies from Russia and the Caucasus region.