German NGO caught collaborating with Turkey to bring illegal immigrants into Greek waters (VIDEO)


A German NGO, in collaboration with Turkey's Coastguard, has been caught attempting to bring in illegal immigrants into Greece's maritime waters.

The incident which took place near the Greek island of Lesvos, went on for seven hours, with the NGO attempting to push a boat with mechanical problems and 40 illegal immigrants, into Greece's territorial waters.

After this failure by the Germans, the Turkish Coast Guard were on hand to "rescue" the illegal immigrants.

In fact, it appears that the German NGO were extremely shameless in showing the world their attempts to bring illegal immigrants into Greece.

"Hurry! Our team received the message that a boat with about 40 people & a defective engine is in distress off Lesvos. Allegedly the coast guard is on site; what she is doing is unclear. We try to verify or to find out more," Mission Lifeline NGO said from their Twitter account.

It was then highlighted that a total of 9 boats were used to try and push the boat full of illegal immigrants into Greece's territorial waters.

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The Mission Lifeline NGO has been consistently one of the main instigators of bringing illegal immigrants from Turkey into Greece.

The Italian government last September issued a decree that will hand out €1m fines for captains of rescue boats that defy the ban on entering Italian waters or docking without permission.

The Eleonore ship entered Italian waters without permission and sailed towards a Sicilian port, where it was seized by Italian authorities, The Independent reported.

Mission-Lifeline captain Claus-Peter Reisch said bad weather forced him to bring the illegal immigrants to Pozzallo’s port after they were stranded on board for eight days by the outgoing populist Italian government’s crackdown on NGO boats.

Only such harsh measures like this can bring an end to the NGO's provocative actions of facilitating human trafficking into Greece.


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