Greek border guards restore small church destroyed by illegal immigrants

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The small church of Panagia Fidousa in Tycherou, specifically in the area of ​​Ampelia, which had been erected after a car accident that nearly resulted in death, has been desecrated by illegal immigrants passing through there last November.

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The location of the small chapel is near the Greek-Turkish border and the Greek Border Guards have rebuilt it.

With a moving post, the President of the Association of Border Guards of Evros Chrysovalantis Gialamas, on August 15, on the day of Panagia, announced the positive development, thanking those who contributed to it with work or donations.

“May Our Lady always have us under Her Roof. We are very pleased to announce that the church of Panagia Fidousa in Ampelia Tycherou has now been reconstructed,” Gialamas said Evros News reported.

“The small church, familiar to all of us, was originally set up by our colleague Moumtzidis Nikolaos after a car accident he had at the site on the day of Panagia in 2001, and despite the seriousness of the accident, he survived only with superficial injuries,” Gialamas continued. “All these years we all took care of the small church. Unfortunately, on November 16, 2019, an unpleasant surprise was waiting for us. The church of Panagia was found destroyed by foreigners.”

“Following the actions of the Union of Border Guards of North Evros, several donations were collected and we proceeded with its reconstruction so that this year we can light its lamp on August 15th,” he continued.

2 11“We would like to thank all our members and especially Colleague Darousis Athanasios for his help in the works, as well as Mr. Karaiskos Konstantinos who with their donations helped us to rebuild the church of Panagia Fidousa,” Gialamas said.

In fact, their colleague Nikos Moumtzidis, who had initially placed the church, thanked them by writing: “Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for what you did.”