Egyptian Parliament approves maritime deal with Greece

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The Egyptian Parliament just moments ago announced its approval of the agreement to delineate the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) of Greece and Egypt, Arab-language media has reported.

The Constitutional and Legislative Committee of the House of Representatives, during its meeting today headed by Representative Nabil El-Gamal, agreed on the agreement between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Greek Republic regarding the designation of their EEZ's.

The committee confirmed that there was no constitutional or legal violation in the agreement and that the method of approval is subject to Parliament.

According to the deal, the agreement creates a partial delimitation of the maritime boundaries between the two countries, and the delimitation of these boundaries will be completed, when appropriate, through consultations between the two parties in accordance with international law.

According to the agreement, the partial designation line between the EEZ of the two countries is determined by points “A east” to "E west," according to the list of geographical coordinates attached to this agreement.

The explanatory memorandum stipulated that, without prejudice to what is stated in Clause 5, if any of the two countries engages in negotiations aimed at defining their EEZ with another country that shares with the two parties in maritime zones, then that party must inform the other party and consult with them before reaching the final agreement with the third state.

The agreement stipulates that in the event that natural resources, including hydrocarbon stocks, extend from the EEZ of one of the parties to the EEZ of the other party, the two parties must cooperate in order to reach an agreement on the patterns of exploitation of these resources, and according to the agreement, any dispute that arises shall be settled through diplomatic channels.

The provisions of the agreement stipulate that it will not be subject to criticism, withdrawal or suspension of work for any reason, as it can be amended by agreement between the two parties, and the agreement shall enter into force from the date of exchange of ratification documents by the two parties.