Kurdish rebel leader: Erdoğan created a crisis with Greece because he could not defeat us

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Chaos, defeats and disaster in Turkey are the result of policies made by Turkish President Erdoğan, who caused another crisis with Greece to create a distraction, the operational commander of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) said, ANF English reported.

Murat Karayılan, commander of the PKK in Turkey, speaks of Ankara’s defeat leading to chaos and crises everywhere.

On the anniversary of the start of the Kurdish struggle on August 15, 1984, he issued a statement saying: “For six years, Turkish colonialism has been expanding its war technology with the support of the NATO alliance and the Gladio organization. Especially after the acquisition of unmanned fighter jets, the Turkish occupying forces thought: ‘With them, we can neutralize the Kurdish rebels, and regain the areas within the old borders of the Ottoman Empire.'”

“Erdoğan personally signed his name and was left to believe that he would only win with a strong drone force. This is exactly how his war against us has been going on for six years,” Karayılan said. “At the same time, huge pressure is being exerted on the country (Turkey) with arrests, while an extermination campaign is being carried out.”

“Our citizens are being subjected to a Turkish fascist repression, while our freedom fighters are being widely attacked throughout Kurdistan, with the ultimate goal of exterminating them. Specific Turkish timetables for extermination have also been reported,” he said, adding that “The result today is: for the Turks to achieve nothing, to be defeated and to have great losses.”

He then said that the Turkish parliamentary system that is controlled by the “fascist […] AKP [Justice and Development Party that Erdoğan belongs to] and the MHP [Nationalist Movement Party] parties” has created a “chaos” that prevails in the parliamentary system, with it only “worsening.”

“If they had succeeded in the slightest thing against us, they would not have experienced this crisis. But their defeat plunged them into deep chaos. Today the Turkish genocidal fascist regime can only survive through wars. By reinforcing nationalist-chauvinist sentiments in Turkish society, this regime wants to maintain and consolidate its existence through wars,” Karayılan continued.

“However, as the Turkish regime is not achieving the desired result by waging war against us, it has extended this plan beyond the country’s borders. Turkish forces attacked Syria, Iraq and Libya, playing games on the backs of the Arab peoples, and pursuing a policy of persecution,” he said.

He then took reference to Greece, saying that “in recent days we have seen this Turkish regime preparing to provoke a conflict with Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean.”

“In the next period of the struggle, our resistance will become even more ‘hot’, more modern in the footsteps of Öcalan, and we will have the first blow on the way to victory,” said the Kurdish rebel leader, adding “Turkish fascism tries to remain standing by means of wars and oppression, but this does not work anymore. The Kurdish freedom guerrilla has proved itself dozens of times and proved that it cannot be defeated and will pave the way for victory.”