Greek manufacturer leader in the global battery industry

Greek manufacturer leader in the global battery industry

Greek manufacturer leader in the global battery industry

European battery makers are gearing up to take advantage of massive "green" stimulus packages unveiled since the coronavirus pandemic, Automotive News Europe reported.

While Sweden’s Northvolt and France’s Verkor are making a play for large-scale production, other European companies are focusing on niche markets and new technologies.

"Having battery giants in Europe, it’s still possible," said Greek battery maker Sunlight CEO Lampros Bisalas. "We just need to run and catch up and innovate faster than the others."

Sunlight’s Greek factory is the world’s largest producer of lead-acid batteries for automated guided vehicles, forklifts and energy storage systems and it is now shifting to lithium cells.

Bisalas stated that the company is focusing on lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) production, a type of battery suited to forklifts, locomotives and robots that perform short tasks with breaks in between.

“These markets are billions of dollars,” said Bisalas. “We see a very big opportunity there, because we see lithium ion producers, especially from China, being focused on EVs.”

Ever since it launched the European Battery Alliance in 2017, Europe has been pushing local manufacturers to develop an industry that should flourish in a low-carbon future and ensure the continent is not reliant on imported products or technology.

The European Union has also committed €550 billion to climate protection and clean technologies over the next seven years, and these plans hinge on batteries to store renewable energy - and to power EVs.

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