Temperature checks greeted concertgoers in Thessaloniki

Socially-Distanced bouzoukia with temperature checks

Socially-Distanced bouzoukia with temperature checks

Partygoers are subjected to temperature checks before they enter one of the largest entertainment venues in Thessaloniki, ‘ORAMA The music show’, Protothema reported.

Due to the new measures, the nightclub had to close at midnight, hence why the doors opened at 7:30pm.

Last week, the Greek government announced a series of new emergency measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The new rules include food or catering sector-related shops (restaurants, bars, bouzoukia etc.) shutting between midnight and 7am in several regions including Thessaloniki.

It is also recalled the government extended a ban on standing customers in all bars, clubs, live music venues, bar-restaurants and cafe-bars until August 31.



Nikos Vertis, one of Greece’s most popular performers, is currently performing every Friday and Saturday night at ‘ORAMA The Music Show’, Thessaloniki.

For reservations, please call +30 210 3453139.