Turkish ship that collided with the Greek frigate is severely damaged

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The Turkish Kemal Reis frigate leaving the convoy escorting Turkey's Oruç Reis research vessel has been noted after its collision with the Greek Limnos frigate, Hellas Journal reported.

This movement away from the Oruç Reis may be related to the bad weather in the southeastern Aegean and the Mediterranean where the Turkish naval convoy is. As it sustained severe damage in its collision, the Kemal Reis would be having difficulty contending with the stormy sea and waves that are reaching 2.5-3 meters.


A warship does not leave the field of operations easily, officers explained, saying that the Turks are trying to protect their frigate until it reaches the nearest port to repair the damage caused.

Although Turkey continuously denies that the Kemal Reis has sustained any damage, video footage shows it veering unnaturally to the side, as reported by Greek City Times.

The 38-year-old Greek Type S frigate, with about four meters solid iron in its bow, collided with the Kemal Reis where the helicopter hangar is and the main deck. The Turkish captain's miscalculations and dangerous maneuvers resulted in a 3 x 1 rift on the Kemal Reis, one of the most modern ships in the Turkish navy.

Immediately after the naval incident took place between the two frigates, the Turks seem to be looking for a relaunch in another attempt to raise the shattered morale of their captains who believed they had superior naval skills to their Greek counterparts.

According to Hellas Journal, the crews of the Greek warships are ready to carry out any mission and are on full alert.

Although the Turks may have shown Kemal Reis again and again on social media, they certainly have not show it as they would like too. It is severely damaged, will need several months to repair it, and the Turks are trying to cover this fact as best as they can as they are severely embarrassed a near 40-year-old Greek ship outmaneuvered one of their best warships.

According to an announcement issued by the Turkish Ministry of Defense, the Kemal Reis will now accompany Barbaros in Cyprus. It is expected to carry out duties "protecting" the Barbaros in Cyprus, a country that does not have a navy, for sometime before returning to port for major repairs.