Cyberwar resumes as Anonymous Greece brings down several Turkish websites

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A cyberwar between Greek and Turkish hackers has sparked off again.

The website of the Greek Ministry of Labor a few days ago was attacked by the "RootAyyildiz" hackers group, who left a message saying on the ministry website that their attack is related to the Oruç Reis Turkish research vessel that is currently violating Greece's continental shelf and Exclusive Economic Zone.

"Every Attack You Make to Oruç Reis Will Have an Answer on the Internet," the Turkish hackers message on the ministry's website said.


Of course the hackers, likely backed by the Turkish government, can only respond via the internet and not through its warships after the Turkish Navy was humiliated by the Greek Navy.

Some days ago, the Kemal Reis frigate that was escorting the Oruç Reis collided with the Greek Limnos warship, rendering the Kemal Reis inoperable against the Greek Navy, as reported by Greek City Times. This is especially humiliating as the Limnos is 38-year-old and considered one of the weakest ships in the Greek Navy, while the Kemal Reis is one of the most modern warships of the Turkish Navy.

However, being humiliated at sea by the Greek Navy, Turkey has once again been humiliated online.

Earlier this year, Turkish hackers without provocation brought down the websites of two small municipalities in Macedonia and the South Aegean. Anonymous Greece were at the forefront of revenge attacks and absolutely humiliated the Turkish hackers by downing the Turkish Foreign and Defence ministries website, the Turkish government’s Cybersecurity website, and attaining over 150,000 Turkish medical files, promising to make more attacks if Turkish provocations continued.

RootAyyıldız, who was responsible for downing the Ministry of Labor, was so humiliated earlier this year that they had to lie about downing the Greek Interior Ministry website, as previously reported by Greek City Times.

This time however, they truly did bring down the Greek Ministry of Labour website, but Anonymous Greece was quick to respond.

Anonymous Greece would hack into a Turkish government website, leaving the message "Stop violating our laws and international laws by illegally sending ships, aircrafts, submarines and drones. Also stop using humans as hybrid weapons on our borders. For any new attacks we will attack back to targets as well."

Anonymous Greece would not stop their revenge attack with just this though, and would bring down the whole website of the Turkish government.

Although the Oruç Reis continues its summer voyage in Greek waters, it has been proven that when it comes to defending Greece, whether it be with the Navy or online, the Turks are no match for the Greeks.