Former Greek cafe owner in alleged baseball bat, machete brawl

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Former Greek cafe owner in alleged baseball bat, machete brawl
*Photo Credit: The Daily Telegraph

Greek Australian businessman, Chris Tziomakis has been hauled in front of court for his alleged involvement in a violent brawl involving a baseball bat and machete.

Tziomakis, who formerly owned Frappe cafe in the Sydney suburbs of Earlwood and Concord, allegedly armed himself with a baseball bat while his mate carried a machete during an incident which occurred on June 25.

Last week, he appeared at the Supreme Court on charges of affray and armed with intent to commit an indictable offence. He was released on bail.

The court heard that Tziomakis allegedly visited a Kogarah business around 2pm on June 25 and approached a woman with whom he has an unknown history. She “took umbrage” with his presence and told him to “get out of here”, before he returned with verbal abuse.

She then allegedly approached the car and punched Tziomakis, breaking his nose, the court heard.

He left the scene but returned later with a baseball bat and a friend armed with a machete, it is alleged.

The court was told the pair confronted the woman, but were soon outnumber two-to-three when the woman’s partner and a male employee arrived. It is alleged a scuffle occurred and Tziomakis lost the baseball bat, before getting beaten with it.

“It seems that the original female assailant, her partner and employees were able to get the better of Mr Tziomakis,” Justice Stephen Campbell said.

His friend with the machete ran off, the court heard.

Tziomakis' barrister Ben Barrack told the court that although he was armed with a weapon, he didn’t use it, which reduced the seriousness of the offence. There is “no suggestion he used the baseball bat or threatened violence with the baseball bat,” Mr Barrack said.

All those allegedly involved in the brawl, which was captured on CCTV, have been charged and are before Sutherland Local Court.

Mr Barrack told the court Tziomakis is expected to plead not guilty to the offences on Wednesday, when his matter returns to Sutherland Local Court.

He was granted bail on the condition he move to the regional town of Parkes to live with his cousin and not contact the other persons involved.

*Source: The Daily Telegraph.

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