BREAKING: Greek Rear Admiral resigns from his position

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Rear Admiral Alexandros Diakopoulos has resigned from his position as National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister.

In an announcement, he said that the statement he made yesterday "caused confusion and created a problem for the Prime Minister and the Government, which was by no means my intention."

"I have served my country for decades and I have always learned to take on my responsibilities. I therefore resign from my position as the Prime Minister's National Security Adviser," he said, adding "I will continue to help the country and the government in anyway I can, as I have done so far."

The Prime Minister accepted the resignation and thanked Diakopoulos for his services.

Diakopoulos caused uproar because of his statements on Tuesday on Open TV's show "Hour of Greece".

When asked about problems in the East Mediterranean, he said that the Turkish research vessel Oruç Reis is successfully doing research on ​​the Greek continental shelf.

"It has done research, let's not be fooled, but the issue is a bit more complicated," he said when asked if Oruç Reis has laid cables and if it has carried out research.

He said "in the first days it did not do any research, nor did it lay cables, nor did we hear it - because with the hydrophones we hear whether he is doing research or not."

"When we raised the issue and said that it does not do research, it laid cables, came back, did some research. At some point the weather 'got up' a bit and stopped the research," he said.

"It has one cable, it does not have two. To give you a metaphor: it 'marks' its area. Anyone who has taken their dog for a walk understands what I mean." He added: 'There is no pregnant woman.' Since it has come in and did research, not even for half an hour, it made the practical challenge."

A few hours later, Diakopoulos made a clarifying statement while there was intense annoyance in the ranks of the government. Close associates of the prime minister explained that Diakopoulos' statements were confusing to the public, while the same government sources stressed categorically that Oruç Reis was not conducting seismic surveys in the area. The Prime Minister's National Security Adviser shortly afterwards made a clarifying statement.