Israel says Turkey is a bigger threat than Iran

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For Israel, Turkey is a much bigger threat than Iran is.

According to an article in The Times by Roger Boyes, the head of Israel's intelligence agency, Mossad, said that Iranian power is fragile and that the real threat is from Turkey.

Yossi Cohen of Mossad made these comments when talking with his Egyptian, Emirati and Saudi counterparts.

According to Boyes, Cohen's point "was not that Iran had ceased to be an existential menace but rather that it could be contained: through sanctions, embargoes, intelligence sharing and clandestine raids. Turkey's coercive diplomacy, its sloppily calculated risk-taking across the Middle East, posed a different kind of challenge to strategic stability in the eastern Mediterranean."

Highlighted in the article was that NATO was no longer a force that could keep Greek and Turkish relations stable and that it "has lots its healing magic."

Boyd highlights that Turkey under Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan "flirts with war" and that "the constant search for enemies and scapegoats exhausts even his supporters, and has left him almost friendless in the region."

In Erdoğan's mad drive to control the East Mediterranean and Middle East, he has picked up enemies in every corner, receiving only firm support for his aggression from Qatar, Azerbaijan and the expired Government of National Accords based in the Libyan capital of Tripoli and whose mandate to rule from the United Nations expired in December 2017.

Greece on the other hand has received firm support from the Libyan Parliament, France, the EU, the U.S., Israel, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Armenia, among some.

However, with Mossad identifying Turkey as a larger threat than Iran, this could completely change the geopolitics of the region as the EU and U.S. would be more willing to involve itself if Israel, that they see as a force of stability, is under threat.