Newly released image exposes full extent of damage on Kemal Reis by Greek frigate

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A newly released image of the damaged Turkish warship has been published today by Proto Thema.

On August 12, things became tense when the Turkish Kemal Reis frigate that was escorting the Oruç Reis research ship collided with the Greek Limnos frigate which was monitoring the illegal movements of the Turkish fleet in Greeece's continental shelf.

After the dangerous maneuver of the Turkish frigate that led to the collision with Limnos, Lieutenant Captain Ioannis Saliaris informed the commander of the fleet about the incident that had just occurred.

The interception did not cause any damage in Limnos, while the Kemal Reis suffered a hole in the stern. The Turkish frigate was to the left of the Greek one, so, according to the international navigation rules, it should have given priority to the Limnos

2 13The Limnos was watching the Oruç Reis from a safe distance. The Kemal Reis, considered one of the best ships in the Turkish Navy, estimated that the Greek warship was planning to obstruct the navigation of Oruç Reis.

The captain of the Greek frigate, Lieutenant Captain Saliaris, followed a steady course and continued the voyage to monitor the Turkish research vessel without changing direction. The Kemal Reis continued to approach the Greek warship.

When it was about 450 yards away from the Greek warship, the captain of the Turkish frigate had to according to international navigation rules give priority to the Greek frigate - but did not. The result was that the Greek frigate with its bow collided with the rear of the Turkish frigate through exceptional seamanship.

Normal weather conditions prevailed in the area and both warships were moving at a relatively low speed.

A few days after the event, the Minister of Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, contacted Saliaris and congratulated him, telling him: "You're a player, congratulations," as reported by Greek City Times.

What makes the movements by Lieutenant Captain Saliaris all the more extraordinary is that he did this with a 38-year-old vessel, considered one of the weakest warships in the Greek Navy, as of opposed to the Kemal Reis that is one of the main ships of the Turkish Navy.

Turkey has been so embarrassed by the superiority of Greek seamanship that they even resorted too, and were caught, spreading fake news and a photostopped image of the Limnos ship. See the full report and unbelievable report here.