Two weeks of Turkish military embarrassment against Greece

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For two weeks now, all eyes have been on the Greek and Turkish fleets deployed opposite each other and the Air Forces of both countries over the Aegean.

It certainly has not been an easy two weeks for the Turkish military who have continually been exposed in being far inferior to their Greek counterparts.

For Turkey, facing Greece's Navy that has never lost a battle since its modern formation in 1821 and Greece's Air Force whose pilots have won in consecutive years the best pilots in NATO, has been far different from utilising jihadists to fight on their behalf against the beleaguered Syrian and Libyan Army's who have fought non-stop since 2011.

A good example of Turkey's deficient military happened yesterday when Turkish fighters violated Greece's national airspace and Greek planes rushed to the area to stop them.

Fierce skirmishes ensued, with Greek pilots trapping Turkish fighter jets in pincer movements, News Bomb reported.

In fact, according to ALPHA TV, one of the Turkish fighters that had been continuously "locked on" by a 330 Squadron fighter fired flares (heat guns) and left the area in a hurry. This was a particularly dangerous move which Turkish pilots usually make in their panic in order to escape.

It was recorded that a Turkish pilot was repeatedly saying in a panicked voice that he had "returned to Turkish airspace," in a funny acknowledgement that they are knowingly violating Greece's airspace.

Ignominiously for the Turkish Air Force, the attempt to appear provocative over the Aegean again and to try its luck against the Greek jets, ended in humiliation once again.

At the same time, it seems that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was embarrassed by the damage on the Turkish Navy flag ship Kemal Reis from the Greek Limnos frigate since he found out once again who had the "upper hand" in the confrontation.

The Turks may be militarily numerous, but in recent months they have come to realise that strategy, composure, determination and experience is more important in modern warfare.

Having suffered repeated defeats from the Greek Armed Forces and with the opposition harshly criticizing, the Erdoğan regime is trying to amuse the impressions at home, with constant lies and propaganda to the Turkish people.

From March until now, the Turks have lost the following "battles":

1. Evros. Greece faced the hordes of illegal immigrants who attempted to invade Greece at the behest of the Erdoğan regime;s hybrid warfare.

2. In the sea area between Rhodes and Kastellorizo on July 21, 2020. The Turkish Navy departed from the Aksaz naval base but found in front of them the Greek Navy that "cut their way" to the eastern Mediterranean and they eventually returned to port.

3. A severe blow to the "pride of the Turkish fleet," the Limnos frigate collided into the Kemal Reis, creating a huge hole in the Turkish warship. The Kemal Reis tried to cut off the Greek frigate from observing the Oruç Reis Turkish research ship that was violating Greece's continental shelf. The Limnos captain kept a steady course, stopped the movement of Limnos, and then accelerated forward to hit the back of the Kemal Reis, as reported by Greek City Times.

4. The Greek military located a Turkish submarine in the sea area between Andros and Evia right near the Greek mainland. A Navy helicopter located the intruder and what followed for the Turkish submarine was a nightmare. They were not only surrounded by the Greek military, but all night they were being hit by sonar frequencies that surely made the ears of the crew in the submarine severely sore, as reported by Greek City Times.

5. Daily dog fighting defeats for the Turkish Air Force against the Greek Air Force.