US Deputy Chief of Mission opens the 5th 'Beyond Borders' International Documentary Festival

Beyond Borders International Documentary Festival

US Deputy Chief of Mission David Burger opened the 'Beyond Borders International Documentary Festival' in Kastellorizo on Sunday, which is sponsored by the American Embassy.

Burger noted that it was a real honour for him to be the first representative of the American embassy in Kastellorizo, and he sincerely hopes it is not his last visit.

"And I want to put out a special word of congratulations and thanks to the Government of Greece and to the organisers of this festival. When we all became subject to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we saw what was in front of us last March, there may have been given half a thought as to whether we could all be here in person, in real life, here in Kastellorizo, but thanks to the response of the government and of the organisers of this festival, I’m very proud to join you tonight," he said at the opening.

"The motto for this tourist season is “Greek summer is a state of mind.” That’s definitely been the case for my family and I as we’ve enjoyed about three weeks of travelling around the country during this summer, enjoying both the west and now the far east of Greece," Burger added.

The US official also highlighted that the relationship with Greece is at an all-time high. "We are, specifically in the area of film, very pleased to be working both with the Ministry of Digital Governance and with the Ministry of Culture to put American and Greek filmmakers together with each other, and also to attract American filmmakers here to Greece."

"And we are, of course, very proud for this festival to be sponsoring the documentary Half the Picture (...) It fits in very well with all the social and current event aspects we’re seeing. This film looks at the challenges that women face in Hollywood and in film in the United States," he concluded.

On Monday, the US Deputy Chief of Mission also toured the archaeological museum of Kastellorizo and the old mosque which houses the Historical Collection of Kastellorizo.