French Ambassador to Cyprus: We are concerned about Turkey’s behaviour in the East Mediterranean


The French Ambassador to Cyprus Isabelle Dumont was received by the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis on the occasion of the end of her term.

In her statements after the meeting, Dumont said, among other things, that the Mediterranean should be a region of cooperation where all the states of the region should cooperate at all levels.

“It is now a region of tension and that is why the EU must have a greater presence in the Eastern Mediterranean for the sake of peace,” he said, adding that “we are concerned about how Turkey is behaving in the region.”

He noted that France was present in the Eastern Mediterranean, saying that “the French frigate has a constant presence in the Eastern Mediterranean region and this will probably continue”, and stressed that this is in everyone’s interest, because the purpose of its presence France in the region is to avoid conflicts, but also in general, in terms of respect for international law while “it is a message to all countries that the growing tensions should not take place and are not a target of France.”

Meanwhile, aeronautical exercise with the participation of Greek and French warships, as well as the Cyprus National Guard, will be held west of Cyprus from August 26, 2020 until August 28, 2020.

Three French Rafael fighters and an equal number of Greek F-16s arrived at Andreas Papandreou Air Base in Paphos.

The exercise start on Wednesday with exercises and tests, and end in its final phase on Friday.

It will be attended by the frigate of the French navy, the Lafayette.

The National Guard of Cyprus will also be present, by naval and air means.

It is noted that yesterday a joint aeronautical exercise between Greece and the U.S. took place in the sea area south of Crete.

The exercise was attended by the Aegean frigate, type 214 submarine and six F-16 aircraft’s.