Turkish FM makes threats to Greece during joint statements with German ally (VIDEO)

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu threatened Greece with use of force and said Turkey’s response will not be an accidental one, but a direct action with no hesitation.

The remarks were delivered in a joint presser with visiting Germany Foreign Minister Heiko Maas who attempted to mediate by just calling for dialogue despite his Turkish ally directly threatening Greece next to him.

“I want to make the following recommendation to Greece. Give up on being bratty. You talk like this with unconditional and full EU support. When not received, you blame those EU countries as well. You have to understand that you will not get anywhere with this,” he said.

“Especially do not put yourself at risk by following the encouragement of some countries. In other words, if you make statements like ‘we will defend our rights here,’ or ‘we will do exercises there,’ or if you take the wrong steps, we will not have an accidental response this time,” Çavuşoğlu continued.

“Whatever is necessary, we do it without hesitation. So, do not get agitated, encouraged by these countries and act with common sense,” the Turkish Foreign Minister said.

“In order for Greece to behave more sane, the European Union and other countries should also warn Greece. So they should warn instead of unconditional support,” he said.

“Greece has already seen in recent meetings that they will not receive this unconditional support. In other words, if such messages continue to be given, then Greece will think healthier and take better steps. But these provocative steps do not help Greece at all,” Çavuşoğlu concluded in his speech given next to his German ally.

Germany has been a centuries long ally with the Turks and for this reason is completely unprepared to place sanctions on Turkey despite its constant threats against European Union member Greece and its daily violations of Greece’s air and maritime space.