121 asylum seekers leave Greece for Germany

121 asylum seekers leave Greece for Germany

A group of 121 asylum seekers including 28 unaccompanied minors with medical needs who were living in migrant camps on the Greeks islands, arrived in Germany on Wednesday in order to be reunited with their families.

The flight was originally planned for Aug. 13, but had to be delayed due to asylum seekers testing positive for covid-19, the German Interior Ministry announced

Tens of thousands of refugees and migrants, including thousands of unaccompanied children, are living in squalid conditions in overcrowded camps on several Greek islands after arriving from the nearby Turkish coast. Many more are housed in camps, apartments and other shelters across the mainland.

Germany has agreed to take in a total of 243 children who need medical treatment from Greece, as well their closest relatives, 928 people in all. So far, 68 of the children have arrived.

The government continues to reach out to other EU countries to help share the burden.

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