Austria and Cyprus slams EU whose "credibility is at stake"

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Both Austria and Cyprus have made strong words against the European Union's inaction and willingness to deal with Turkish aggression in the East Mediterranean.

Nicosia is not in favor of the "two measures and two stations" logic, reiterated Cypriot Foreign Minister before the informal EU Council of Foreign Ministers.

"Europe's credibility is at stake," warned Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulidis, referring to the attitude of the EU towards Turkey and spoke about principles and values ​​that should be protected from the "illegal and provocative" actions by Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean against two EU Member States and against the interests of the EU."

He warned that "Europe's credibility is at stake," as he said the EU must defend international values ​​and international order on the basis of principles and values, while "EU solidarity must be true and effective."

Answering a question on whether the EU can impose sanctions on Belarus and not on Turkey, Christodoulidis stressed that Nicosia is not in favor of the logic of "two measures and two stations."

"I spoke about EU principles and values ​​and there is no ambiguity regarding these principles and values. It is therefore very important that we also defend the credibility of the EU," he said.

Meanwhile, harsh language once again used by Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Salenberg against Turkey before the informal EU Council of Foreign Ministers:

"Turkey despises every convention and challenges Europe," said Salenberg, who called for a "really fundamental" debate on Turkey, stressing that "the last dreamer in Europe must wake up" to what concerns the European Union's relations with Turkey. He pointed out that it is "absolutely essential" for the EU to show solidarity with Greece and Cyprus.

"Turkey despises any agreement and challenges Europe and it is clear that the Eastern Mediterranean is not the South China Sea and we must not allow things to develop that way. International law must be the basis and I am in favour of having a really fundamental debate on Turkey," said Salenberg, addressing the informal EU Council of Foreign Ministers in Berlin under the German Presidency of the EU Council.

"I think that slowly the last dreamer in Europe should wake up in terms of EU-Turkey relations. We need a 'reality check' and the EU should show a clear attitude when Ankara behaves and presents such rhetoric and such measures as it currently does," he continued.

Replying to a question on whether Turkey violates its actions under international law, the Austrian Foreign Minister said that dialogue was needed between the parties, while noting that Turkey was not a party to the relevant agreements.