Greece 'won' the unanimous support of all its EU partners, says Greek FM

Greece received the unanimous support of all its EU partners during the informal meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Ministers in Berlin, Greek FM Nikos Dendias said on Friday.

“I am happy, because Greece has won the unanimous support of all its partners. It was important that during the informal discussion there was a clear climate that was absolutely supportive of our country and this is reflected in the High Representative’s conclusions,” he said.

Dendias added that European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs, Josep Borrell presented options for future sanctions against Turkey, which will also be presented to the European Council on September 24.

Borrell revealed that the EU was ready to sanction Turkish vessels, block their access to EU ports and cut off supplies, while also imposing sanctions that could directly target the Turkish economy.

“I think the Greek side got what it could get from this meeting (…) an understanding that sanctions will come if Turkey does not deescalate tensions and return to a dialogue,” Dendias continued.

The minister also expressed the hope that Turkey “will return to reason, will stop the provocations and arbitrary actions, will stop its violations of International Law and will allow Greece to return to a context of discussion on the one-and-only dispute, namely the Exclusive Economic Zone and the overlying maritime zones, with a reference framework of International Law and the Law of the Sea.”

When asked about Greece’s so-called ‘red lines’, Dendias said that these are “the country’s constitution and the protection of its sovereignty and all sovereign rights.”

Greek Minister of External Affairs, Nikos Dendias statement, before attending the meeting of EU Ministers of External Affairs, earlier.

Posted by Greek City Times on Friday, 28 August 2020