Turkey is attempting to pass Greece’s defensive successes to its allies to cover embarrassments

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“If the Hellenic military offers resistance to our military, Greece will lose islands and Western Thrace.” – Turkey.

Stop describing what you will do to the Greeks if they defend what’s theirs and get on with it already!

So far…

You, Turkey, have lost a frigate, your flag ship in fact, when it tried to play dirty (the Turkish way) to a much older Greek vessel but with a much smarter captain.

Your submariners were made fools of when when they were detected and trapped by Hellenic anti-submarine units that treated them to a little entertainment in the form of Beatles music.

Your air defences were fooled not once but three times in 48 hours, when Hellenic airforce F-16 fighter jets reached the island of Cyprus undetected in two batches, despite being expected by you. The Greek jets returned to their base on Crete despite your “well laid” ambush for them that… failed.

Your (very) special forces demonstrated they are no match for the Hellenic Border Guards, police and farmers that defended the land border between the two countries, when you tried to push through thousands of illegal migrants you hoped to weaponise.

The Hellenic military, every arm of it, has demonstrated they are not intimidated by numbers; after all, their motto is: “ΟΥ ΠΟΣΟΙ ΑΛΛΑ ΠΟΥ” – “It matters not how many they are, just point us in their direction.” Their job is the defence of their country, every inch of it, be it on land, sea or air and they do it well.

You kept boasting that in a potential conflict the Hellenes would be “alone and at the mercy” of the “mighty” Turkish military. Now, after a series of embarrassing fiascos by your “mighty” military, you attempt to credit those to “allies” of Greece. How can you possibly admit that “a nation of sissies” like the Greeks are embarrassing your “invincible” forces?

After decades of threats and promises of “great victories and glorious conquests,” you have not so much as managed to capture a single Greek pebble.

The Hellenes are not threatening Turkey and Turks. You have nothing to fear from them, as long as you accept where your land and sea borders lie. However, if you decide to get adventurous, they might remember that much of the land you now call yours, was once Greek; built by Hellenes and inhabited by them for thousands of years.

They may just push forward and liberate these lands.

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