Lawyer supposed to be quarantined in Athens found in Mykonos and fined

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In Mykonos, a lawyer who was supposed to be quarantined in an Athens hotel but wasn't, was found and fined.

A lawyer allegedly broke the quarantine in Athens and traveled to Mykonos, where he was located by authorities.

The man should have been in a reference hotel in Athens as he had close contact with a person suffering from coronavirus.

However, it was found that he is in Mykonos where he maintains a residence.

The man was fined 5,000 euros and arrested by police.

Meanwhile, it became known yesterday that a 24-year-old woman who knew she was suffering from coronavirus, traveled to Santorini .

The young woman has kidney disease. In order to be able to undergo dialysis he had to take a test. While on her way from Thessaloniki to Athens, she was informed that she was positive for the coronavirus. Nevertheless, she decided to continue her journey and go to Santorini, taking a ferry from Piraeus.

"I want to apologize publicly to everyone. It was not something deliberate, it was an impulse of age. I do not know," said the 24-year-old after the revelation of the case.

As the mayor of Santorini, Antonis Sigalas, told ERT, the 24-year-old was informed last Friday that she must have a negative coronavirus test in order to be able to make an appointment for dialysis. She did the test on Tuesday and learned that she was positive for the virus.

"We had a request from a kidney patient that he wanted to close for dialysis on Friday. He was informed that he had to have a negative test 48 hours before and so she did the test last Tuesday," said the mayor.

Nevertheless, she boarded the ship for Santorini on Thursday, however she was not allowed to land on the island, but returned back to Piraeus.

Sigalas stressed that otherwise "the infection would have traveled with the 24-year-old to the 24 kidney patients in the hospital of the island."

According to him, the hospital of the island was informed about the case of the 24-year-old from Ippokratio, Thessaloniki. Doctors contacted her by phone and she did not hide that she would arrive in two hours, since she was already on the ship. The hospital was forced to inform the Coast Guard.

The young woman, who had started her journey from Thessaloniki, was picked up by ambulance from the port of Piraeus and is now being treated in a hospital in Attica.