STAR TV station is the only Greek nationwide station which continues incessantly, for years, to transmit in every Greek house the Turkish language and Turkish “soft power” propaganda on television for an undisclosed amount of “profit.”

The profits of STAR TV station from the continuous transmission of Turkish propaganda in every Greek house are of course unknown, but the exuberant “receipts” can easily be calculated.

Securing about 1,000 (yes, a thousand) episodes of Turkish propaganda at “competitive prices” offered by Turkish Islamists with subsidies which offer generously rich “receipts” in cash, is a lot of money. If one calculates a thousand episodes on the charge prices of each advertising message, one easily ends up with “receipts” of a few tens of millions of euros, for the transmission of about a thousand episodes of Turkish “soft power” propaganda in every Greek home!

The STAR TV channel seems to be completely indifferent if the modern Hitler of Turkey cuts into the Greek continental shelf and the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone, if he turns Byzantine Churches into a mosque by cultivating and systematically stirring up religious hatred, if he tries to send Greece almost every day escorted illegal immigrants, if he has launched an insidious hybrid war against Greece and Cyprus in order to seize internationally guaranteed Greek and Cypriot sovereign rights, and if he constantly threatens Greece with brutal violence.

All this for STAR TV station – and many more – seems to mean absolutely nothing . The only thing that seems to “count” are the “receipts” and the net profits from the continuous transmission of Turkish propaganda in every Greek house.

All other national television networks (OPEN, ANT 1, SKAI, ALPHA, MEGA and ERT) are no longer viewing Turkish propaganda, in fact some stations like OPEN and ERT had never programmed such series.

However, STAR TV does not seem to be concerned with such “details” – in fact Proto Thema stated the following impressively:

“Regarding the screening of the series “Elif” by STAR, we have to point out the following: the subject of the series is purely social, and specifically deals, as its title shows, the life of a little girl, Elif, and the family. In other words, there are neither direct nor indirect references to political and religious events or against Greece in any way. The series “Elif” has a particularly important average share of viewers, 16.8% of all viewers in the transmission zone, which shows that the Greek public is constantly watching with interest the development of this particular fiction. Specifically, it is watched daily by an average of about 450,000 viewers. As for the “protests,” STAR closely monitors the reactions of viewers, as expressed through phone calls and letters to the station, but also through social media, and to date the negative reactions concern individual cases, less than 10 per day, ie minimal compared to the number of daily viewers. At the same time, however, we are receiving more comments from other viewers, who want to watch the development of the plot of the series and ask that its broadcast not be interrupted.”

Thus, Turkish propaganda is broadcast by STAR TV station undisturbed and “justifiably” in every Greek home, not only with the continuous transmission of the Turkish language (Turkish Islamists forbid dubbing on “penalty” of removing subsidies), but also every opportunity.

“Isolated cases” are the protests against the broadcast of Turkish TV series on a nationwide scale and there are more people who ask “not to interrupt its broadcast…”

Anyone who feels an “individual case” and wishes to protest STAR TV for the transmission of thousands of “episodes” of Turkish “soft power” propaganda in every Greek home, can call daily 211 18 91 000, 211 18 92 000 and 211 18 91 004 or send an email of protest to the Public Relations department of the channel ([email protected]), so that we can finally see if there will be more who (supposedly) “do not want the Turkish series to be interrupted!”

The article was authored by Leonidas Koumakis, a member of the International Hellenic Association.

The views of the author do not necessarily reflect those of Greek City Times.

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