Erdoğan the laughable

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the laughable...

"This time.....
......"We will do what's necessary!"
......"We have the finger on the trigger."
......"We will shed our blood for our nation."
......"We will take what rightfully belongs to us."
......"We will relive the glory of the Ottoman Empire."
......"We will expand our territory to the borders of our heart."
......"We will control the Eastern Mediterranean, which is a Turkish pond, our 'Blue Motherland'."


..... Millions of Turkish households are unable to pay their utility bills.
..... Inflation officially runs at 12%, unofficially closer to 30%.
..... The Turkish Lira is in a free fall with foreign investors making money betting on how much farther it will fall by a certain date.
..... His "mighty" military is demonstrating its legendary incompetence on every front.
..... His last remaining "friends" no longer able to justify their support for him, are turning their backs.
..... He begs for money to shore up his country's failing economy from the tiny state of Qatar.
..... His famous 'defence industry' is paralysed by a lack of imported engines for his home produced helicopters, tanks and armoured carriers.
..... His much touted aircraft carrier that was to project "Turkish might" across the world, has become the world's first "drone carrier" since no one will sell him planes for it.
..... His head-chopping terrorists for hire in Syria and Libya are rebelling and demanding their "pay" which they have not received in months.

"World class chess player"? More like a poor Poker Player who will bluff on hands other players would have thrown in long ago.

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