War Monger: Erdoğan ordered his generals to shoot down and sink Greek jets and ships


German newspaper Die Welt has made a shocking allegation that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan asked his generals to provoke a war by sinking a Greek ship or shooting down a Greek fighter jet.

In an article titled titled “Erdogan’s calculated war,” Die Welt wrote that Erdoğan ordered his generals to sink a Greek ship but not inflict many casualties. The Turkish generals refused to do so and the next idea was to shoot down a Greek jet as “the pilot could get out of the plane and save his life.

In other words, the Turks want to provoke an extremely hostile situation, but without human casualties. These plans were rejected by the Turkish generals, according to the Die Welt, otherwise it is very likely that we would be at war in the Eastern Mediterranean.

These shocking revelations made by Die Welt quoting Turkish military sources shows just how desperate Erdoğan is to provoke a war with Greece as the Turkish economy rapidly declines.

The revelation also makes a mockery of Germany’s incessant demands for dialogue and no sanctions against Turkey at a  time when Greece has been warning that Ankara is erratically and desperately provoking a war.