Retired Turkish Admiral says it will take Turkey only two days to capture French flagship and Greek islands

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A retired Turkish Admiral accused Greece of seeking to "get its hands on" sea areas "belonging" to Turkey and said for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to give Greece a two day warning before invading its Eastern Aegean Islands.

"We can capture the French aircraft carrier in two days," retired Turkish Admiral Deniz Kutluk said to the Erdoğan government, adding that Ankara needs to issue an "ultimatum" to Greece for the immediate disarmament of 16 Aegean islands, threatening military intervention and occupation if this is not done.

"Turkey must declare that we do not recognize sovereignty over these 16 islands. Turkey must say that 'Greece within 48 hours and under observation by international observers will ensure the disarmament of these islands or else these islands are ours.' And one by one take them and finish with it. We have this power," he said provocatively while speaking to Veryansın TV.

The retired admiral accused Greece of seeking to "intervene" in sea areas "belonging" to Turkey and said that if Greece reacts Turkey can destroy the Greek military forces in the Aegean Sea.

"Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean is trying to become a partner in the plots where Turkey has declared sovereignty. Saying that 'the United States supported me, we resolved the issue with Egypt,' Greece is taking steps towards the regions of Turkey. Turkey has declared that these allegations have no force," he said, adding that "the fleets are now in the field."

"Greek forces are in the Aegean. Most likely their submarines are in the Mediterranean. Greek forces are hiding behind the islands and waiting. The Turkish fleet knows this and has taken strategic positions. Greece transfers aid to islands near Turkey. Greece is not doing this to irritate Turkey. It does so because 'Turkey can occupy these islands at any time'," he continued.

"If we think about the proximity of these islands to Turkey, if Turkey wants to take them, it takes them. No matter how much aid they carry, they will either be delivered or destroyed. What Greece is doing is a violation of international law," the former admiral said in a typical Turkish way of not citing which international law was broken by Greece.

"And this is something that Turkey should make more heard," he suggested.

Kutluk did not spare France from his outrage either. He accused France of violating international law, and once again did not cite which international law as we have become accustomed to from Turks, and warned that Turkish forces can occupy the French aircraft carrier sailing to the Mediterranean within only two days.

"On the other hand, France is engaged in sending warplanes there and setting up an air base in Cyprus. These are geopolitical maneuvers. On the one hand, they want to sell weapons and ships in Greece. These steps must be stopped by international bodies because they are a violation of the law. But I do not believe that France and Turkey will clash. In the end, the aircraft carrier that they will send, Turkey can capture in two days."

Turkey is becoming increasingly desperate and more provocative in their statements as they remain completely isolated in their aggression against Greece. In contrast, the entire region has rallied behind Greece in their defense of their continental shelf and maritime space from Turkish aggression and violations.

Because of Turkey's frustrations and an economy that is declining out of control, the regime in Ankara is attempting to distract the population from the economic situation. To do this, Erdoğan renewed hostilities with Greece knowing that a large portion of the ultra-nationalists in Turkey will rally in their war cries against Greece.

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