Greek prosecutor has urged 'arrogant' Manchester United captain Harry Maguire to 'show us the video' that the footballer says will prove his innocence

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A Greek prosecutor has urged 'arrogant' Manchester United captain Harry Maguire to 'show us the video' that the footballer says will prove his innocence.

Maguire is appealing his conviction and suspended prison sentence after he was found guilty of assault following a brawl on the island of Myknonos last month.

Lawyer Ioannis Paradissis said the England defender would have done better to retain local solicitors on the island of Syros rather than recruiting an expensive legal team from Athens.

From the start his lawyer wanted to adjourn the trial saying there was at least one video that proved his innocence,' Paradissis told The Sun. 'Well show us the video then. Why has it taken so long.


Paradissis previously told the BBC that under Greek law, an apology could lead to some of the accusations being withdrawn.

Maguire says he was 'scared' for his life and thought he was the victim of a kidnapping when he was arrested on the Greek holiday island.

He says his younger sister Daisy had been attacked by two men who drugged her, adding that when he tried to take her to hospital he was arrested.

However, the 27-year-old was given a suspended sentence of 21 months and 10 days after being found guilty of repeated bodily harm, attempted bribery, violence against public employees and insult.

In a statement printed in Greek publication Protothema, one of the arresting officers on the night of the scrap recalled Maguire launching a torrent of abuse as he was placed under arrest.

The statement alleges Mr Maguire shouted: 'F*** you all, f*** off, f*** the Greek police, f*** policemen, f*** Greece, f*** the Greek civilisation, I don't give a s***'.

The statement adds that Maguire, 'attacked the sergeant...he pushed him away and kicked him in the right leg causing swelling of his left and right tibia.'

But Maguire told BBC Sport that plain-clothed police officers, who he says did not identify themselves, pulled over his group's minibus, threw him off the vehicle and hit him in his legs.

Mr Paradissis said: "His defence couldn't have been worse. It was weak and contradictory.

“Maguire has come across as arrogant, refusing to say sorry and neither he nor Manchester United has come out condemning violence which doesn't look good.

“It gives the impression, and a lot of people have come up to me in the street even in Syros saying just this, that to be a footballer at this level you have to be arrogant and violent.

“I know that Maguire is a tremendous athlete and I have heard about the history of Manchester United which obviously I respect.

“But it is perplexing that nobody has condemned violence and the events that took place that night because people, policemen, were definitely violently attacked.

“In my mind this was an incident of a group of British tourists doing what they so often do when they are abroad, getting drunk, misbehaving, doing things they would never do at home."



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