Erdoğan provokes war rhetoric and says no power can stand against Turkey (VIDEO)

Erdoğan provokes war rhetoric and says no power can stand against Turkey (VIDEO) 1

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has gone on another rant today provoking war rhetoric and once again outright deceiving his own citizens from the truth and reality.

“Thank God, Turkey is now confident and capable of rallying its support to obtain results, knows its potential, sees the true strength of its opponents and their maneuvering fields. Of course, those in front of us also see this reality very well. Fear and panic from this reality lies behind the unimaginable alliances established against our country, and unlawful behaviors displayed,” he said.

Erdoğan then went onto indirectly say that the legal agreements that Greece is making, for example with its Exclusive Economic Zone deal with Egypt that was made following the United Nations Charter Law of the Sea, is “immoral” and will be dealt with “on the field.”

“They will understand Turkey has the political, economic and military power to tear apart immoral maps and documents imposed on it. Either they will understand this with the language of politics, democracy or through painful experiences on the field,” he said.

If there was any doubt that Erdoğan was referring to war, he then highlighted that his country is so-called “martyrdom” as a “reward.”

“We hope it will not be too late when they realise that there is no power to stand against a nation that sees combat and the possible martyrdom in the end as the highest reward,” he continued.

“When we say ‘May Allah not make this nation write the National Anthem again,’ we mean the destruction of our opponents with our own sacrifices. The Turkish nation is accustomed to all kinds of attacks and ready to pay all kinds of costs,” Erdoğan said.

This is of course a curious claim to make considering that the Turkish Republic has not been invaded once in its near 100 year history, while Turkey has invaded northern Cyprus, northern Syria, northern Iraq and western Libya, while threatening to invade Greek islands.

“Let those who have lived in false welfare and fake democracy all this time think about what might happen to them at the end of this process we are going through. Turkey and the Turkish nation are ready for all contingencies and all sort of results,” the Turkish president concluded.