Prime Minister's son to do compulsory military service at the Greek-Turkish border

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The 22-year-old son of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Konstantinos, has decided to begin his military service.

Konstantinos in the coming days will go to Evros on the Greek-Turkish border and join an artillery unit.

The son of the prime minister enters the army in the next few days and will serve his term in the artillery in Evros before he begins his Masters degree at university.

The young Mitsotakis completed his undergraduate studies in Boston last May and has been stuck in Greece for the last few months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unable to return to Boston to continue his Masters degree, the 22-year-old decided now was the best opportunity for him to complete his mandatory military service.

Greece has mandatory military service for all male citizens, usually 9 months for those born and permanently living in Greece, and 3 months for the diaspora community.

It should be noted that recruits are no longer presented at training centers and then receive a travel document for the unit they will serve, but are presented directly to the unit where they will complete their military service.