Drones, thermal cameras and armored jeeps fortify the Evros border

Greek authorities are preparing for the possible second wave of illegal immigrants at the Greek-Turkish border.

In March this year, Turkey attempted to asymmetrically invade Greece with the use of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Turkey had not only falsely told the illegal immigrants that Greece’s borders were open, but it also facilitated the transportation of the illegal immigrants and utilized their army to try and tear down Greece’s border wall. This damage is currently being repaired.

From February 28 to August 3 this year, over 60,000 illegal immigrants were prevented from entering Greece from the Evros area on the Greek-Turkish border region.

According to SKAI, many of the illegal immigrants arrested by authorities were seeking political asylum in Greece, claiming they were government officials in Turkey and opponents of the Erdoğan government.

The fortification of Evros includes:

  • Three large loudspeakers which will transmit warning messages in various languages and unbearable sounds at a high frequency
  • Four drones for aerial surveillance
  • Fifteen thermal cameras to detect migratory flows at night
  • Ten armored patrol jeeps
  • Five inflatable boats

At the same time 1,000 police officers are expected to be deployed to the border, as well as 150 from FRONTEX.