Russian Foreign Ministry: Greece is our traditional European partner

Russian Foreign Ministry: Greece is our traditional European partner 1

On the anniversary of official relations between Greece and Russia being first established on September 6, 1828, the Russian Foreign Ministry reflected through a statement how Russia “actively contributed to the formation of a young Greek state.”

“Russia’s significant contribution to Greek independence in the early 19th century is widely recognized by the Greek public. On December 27, 1991, Greece recognized Russia as a continuation state of the USSR,” the Russian Foreign Ministry continued to say in a statement today.”

“Athens is our traditional partner in Europe. The basis of our relationship […] is the mutual sympathy of Russians and Greeks through their spiritual and cultural civilizational kinship. Bilateral cooperation continues to progressively develop in all areas. A mutual effort is being made to maintain high dynamics of interaction,” the statement said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry then explained how there are more than 50 treaties signed between Greece and Russia, with the two countries interacting in the banking, transportation, shipping, food production and processing sector, as well as construction and high technologies, energy and tourism.

According to the statement, the Greek language is becoming a popular one to learn, just as Russian is in Greece, adding that “Greek resorts are traditionally popular with Russian tourists.”

“Joint plans are being developed in light of the upcoming 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek national liberation struggle, which was initiated by the creation of an independent Greek state,” the statement concluded.
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