Erdoğan's adviser says Turkey will shoot down "5 or 6" Greek jets & personally execute a pilot (VIDEO)

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A foreign and security policy advisor to the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said that Turkey is ready to start a war with Greece on Turkish national television. 

Mesut Hakkı Caşın first began his tirade by claiming that Greece sent the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to the East Mediterranean because Greece does not have one of its own, forgetting that Greece does not need aircraft carriers when it has hundreds of islands that serve the purpose of an aircraft carrier.

"Greece is yet to find gas but sends a [French] aircraft carrier against Turkey. It does not even have an aircraft carrier. it charges against us on someone else's horse. That horse will be shot dead. That is for one," he said. "Secondly, as our friend said, Turkey is not a country that can be silent."

Caşın would become more graphic, saying that whoever "violated" Turkish rights would have their liver taken out.

"Our dear President says as a Turkish nation we neither usurp rights nor allow anybody to seize our rights. If there is anybody out there that would violate our rights, the Turkish nation will take his liver out," he said.

"There is a huge Turkish army which is the 8th largest in the world, the third in NATO. Who can dare bully us in the Aegean and the Mediterranean? Does Greece really want to taste our punch? The Greeks still don't understand this," Caşın continued.

Look, [the anniversary of the Turkish capture of Smyrna from Greece forces in 1922], September 9 is coming. You [Greeks] killed each other during the escape while running to the sea back then," he continued.

Erdoğan's adviser in his next part however would make a war threat against Greece.

"I mean enough already. Enough! Our pilots will soon shoot down five or six of them [Greek warplanes] and we will enter into a war. No way, this nation can be pressured so much. Turkey is not a nation to be tested. Turkish soldier's bayonet is mounted and ready. We run out of our bullets but we finished the enemy with our bayonets [in past wars]," Caşın said.

"Bring it on! We are waiting here," he continued.

"Look, I'm a teacher of the [Turkish] Armed Forces. If there is even one Greek pilot who can shoot us, I will shoot that pilot myself in the middle of his forehead," Erdoğan's adviser chillingly concluded.