Greek Coast Guard arrest members of German human smuggling NGO in Lesvos

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A sudden check on well-known Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called “Sea Watch,” in which the Mare Liberum human smuggling ship was anchored in the port of Perama in the bay of Gera on Lesvos, has resulted in several arrests, Lesvos Post reported.

Coast Guard officials and the police carried out a surprise search on the Mare Liberum boat that has been operating in the Aegean for months with the aim of transporting illegal immigrants from Turkish waters into Greece.

According to Lesvos Post, the police arrested all the members of the NGO who were on the boat at that time for verification, while all the electronic devices were confiscated for control.

Other information states that the police authorities identified other illegal findings inside the boat which are being investigated by authorities.

In fact, as the NGO itself emphasizes, it contacted the German embassy in Greece in order to release the arrested, as was finally done after 8 hours of detention.

However, the authorities have not yet issued any official announcement-information about the incident.

It should be reminded that in March 2020 a group of residents of Mytilene did not allow the ship Mare Liberum to moor for supply in the port of the city since the German NGO is the main reason tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flooded onto their once peaceful island, resulting in catastrophic increases in theft, murder and rape.

The ship belongs to the NGO called “Sea Watch.”

Today – 25 Greek Coast Guards and police officers searched the Mare Liberum and took four crew members to the station for eight hours. All electronic devices were confiscated. Human-rights activists are not wanted while pushbacks are happening and Moria is turned into a prison. We stay!” the German NGO said on Twitter.

Last month it was revealed that the NGO will go to court so that it has the right to continue trafficking illegal immigrants from Turkey to Greece.

German Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer changed German law so that the Mare Liberum could not sail, as reported by Greek City Times.