Erdoğan says Greece will have to pay a "heavy price" in newest tirade (VIDEO)

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has gone on another tirade with renewed threats against Greece and more war rhetoric.

His newest tirade followed the usual pattern of delusions about Turkey's greatness in the military, diplomatic, technological and economical fields, and for these reasons Turkey is being targeted by external powers.

"With self-confidence it acquired today, Turkey reached to a position of having a say in its region and the world," the Turkish president said.

"We are taken into account by others so much because we have the infrastructure and will to effectively mobilise every mechanism, from diplomacy to military power when necessary to protect our independence and future," Erdoğan continued.

"In recent days, those who do not learn their lesson from history and ignore Turkey's rights in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean, will eventually have to accept this fact," he continued.

After emphasising Turkey's greatness, Erdoğan's newest tirade continued the pattern by victimising Turkey as being targeted for no reason, but how he will defend Turkey from so-called unwarranted aggression.

However, this time the threat would be direct and clear, as he termed it.

"I'm afraid when the moment for a decision comes, and I say this clearly, those who stand against Turkey at the expense of jeopardizing the security and prosperity of its citizens, have to pay a heavy price," Erdoğan said to allude to viewers that Turkey's economic problems are because of external factors.

"Instead of sitting at the table with us [to negotiate], leaving the history aside, I advise those, who challenge us with their broken military forces, to better examine our diplomatic work and military operations in the last 4 years alone. Just like on its border security, Turkey will continue to pursue an active and determined policy to protect its rights in the East Mediterranean to the end," he concluded.

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