Syrian jihadists says he will fight for Turkey against Greece

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A Turkish-backed jihadist fighter of the so-called "Syrian National Army" has said that he will not hesitate to give up his fight against the legitimate Syrian Army to go and battle Greece instead.

Suhail Hammoud, known as a missile specialist nicknamed "Abu Tow," said that Syrian jihadists have a debt to Turkey for all the financing, training and arming that Ankara provided in their war against the Syrian government

"We are grateful to Turkey. Now is the time to fulfill this debt," he said on Twitter.

"If they ask me 'will you go to the Greek border?' My answer will 'happily be yes'," he added to the Tweet.

His Tweet also made it to front page Turkish newspapers.

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Turkey has been supporting radical jihadist groups, including ISIS, since the war against Syria began in 2011. Over ten thousand Syrian jihadists like Hammoud have become a part of Turkey's military forces operating in Libya.

Jihadists like him have essentially become a wing of the Turkish military apparatus that enacts Ankara's interests in Syria and Libya. It is for this reason that Turkey refuses to relinquish support for jihadists as one day they can very easily be turned from Syria to Greece, just as they were turned to Libya.

None-the-less, the Syrian Army and government, which has the support of the Greek Orthodox community in Syria, has successfully battled back against these jihadist proxies, who now only control small sections of northern Syria, particularly in Idlib province.

However, it appears that an upcoming Syrian Army offensive against many of the jihadists groups operating in Idlib, including the so-called "Syrian National Army" that comprises mostly of former ISIS fighters and those belonging to the Al-Qaeda affiliated Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, could trigger a new migrant crisis in which many jihadists will be able to illegally enter Greece, as has previously occurred.

The re-establishment of strong ties between Athens and Damascus is of immense security value for this reason.