Greek police capture an array of narcotics from Mykonos kingpin (PHOTOS)

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A leading member of an organized drug trafficking ring was arrested on Mykonos island, the Greek police said in a statement on Wednesday.

Among other things, quantities of cocaine, processed and raw cannabis, ketamine, MDMA and ecstasy tablets were confiscated, as well as approximately 180,000 euros

The arrest of a leading member of an organized network of narcotic traffickers on the party island of Mykonos was carried out by police officers of the General Affairs Department of the Drug Prosecution Sub-Directorate of Thessaloniki in collaboration with port officials of the Mykonos Port Authority.

A 37-year-old foreigner now faces charges. As part of the investigations, a 35-year-old Greek was arrested after a drug transaction with the aforementioned man.

In the possession of the 37-year-old and after searches in a vehicle he used in both houses of the island where he lived, were found and confiscated:

585.22 grams of cocaine,
432.24 grams of MDMA,
8,527kg of raw hemp,
2,248 kg of processed hemp,
166.06 grams of ketamine,
61.72 grams of TUCIBI,
1,394 ecstasy tablets,
Pistol with scraped serial number,
Cartridge with bullets,
4 electronic precision scales,
2 dispensers,
Notebook with handwritten notes,
Nylon slides for drug standardization and packaging
Electronic banknote counting machine and
180,100 euros related to drug trafficking.

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In addition, two passenger vehicles used by the 37-year-old as a means of hiding, storing and transporting drugs were confiscated.

The arrested will be taken to the Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance of Syros island.

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