The not so glorious return of the Turkish Navy after achieving "absolutely nothing! Zero! Zilch! Nada!"

Turkey's Oruc Reis violating Greece's maritime zone.

The Turkish people were promised glorious victories, they were promised Greek islands, they were promised they would get their chance to throw "the Greeks into the sea," they were promised a "Blue Motherland" and the "borders of their hearts."

Instead their ships returned to their waters having achieve absolutely nothing!

Zero! Zilch! Nada!

On top of that, their flagship and pride and joy, the frigate "Kemal Reis" being seriously damaged in an encounter with one of the oldest frigates in the Hellenic Navy, the Limnos, that continued on its mission of protecting Greek waters.

No wonder Turkish citizens are showing their rage on Social Media and demanding that their fleet returns to Greek waters and deliver what they were promised!

One user went as far as to say: "The only thing the Greeks have not done is fly over Turkish territory."

The visit of Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou to the island of Kastellorizo, barely a mile from the Turkish shores, accompanied by four F-16 fighter jets of the Hellenic Airforce, was the last straw!

Kastellorizo is one of the 152 Greek islands and islets that Turks were promised, and... the president's visit there coincided with the day the Turkish ships returned to Turkish ports in shame!

In a desperate attempt to save face, their "defence minister," with the fancy general's uniform, reiterated his "demand" that Kastellorizo be demilitarised by the Greeks, only to receive his answer from the Greek Prime Minister: "IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN."

Now what?

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