EU-Turkey relations are at a critical juncture, said the EU High Representative on Foreign Policy Issues.

Speaking to Members of the European Parliament, Josep Borrell said that Turkey is an important neighbor for the EU, but with its actions in the Eastern Mediterranean, and also in terms of respect for human rights inside Turkey, calls into question future relations with the Union.

As he said, it is clear that the solutions will not come from an increasingly conflicting relationship.

Borrell again called on Turkey to step down in order to start a dialogue, warning that the European Council would consider the consequences.

He noted that he will continue to try to create space for dialogue with Turkey, no matter how difficult it becomes due to its behavior.

“Immediate de-escalation is essential to allow the resumption of dialogue and the negotiations, which is the only path towards stability and lasting solutions,” Borrell said.

He warned, however, that “anything else would also undermine the prospect of resuming talks on a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue.”

At the same time, Borrell underlined that “the foreign ministers of the European Union were very clear on the possible consequences in the absence of progress in engaging with Turkey.”

It is recalled that one day after the return of Oruç Reis Turkish research vessel to Turkey after violating Greek and Cypriot maritime space and their continental shelves for over a month, there were double messages from the Turkish side to both Greece and the EU.

First it appeared that Turkey had ended its campaign of warmongering in the East Mediterranean, to only later say they might resume its violations of Greek and Cypriot sovereignty.

It is stressed that today the Greek and Turkish military representatives will meet with an official of the Alliance’s military committee, seeking the common framework that will allow the start of a bilateral dialogue on a deconfliction mechanism.