Minister of Civil Protection: Illegal immigrants will not break the rules in our country

Minister of Civil Protection: Illegal immigrants will not break the rules in our country 1

Greek Minister of Civil Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, called on illegal immigrants to go to the new structures that were erected following the burning of their accommodation on the island of Lesvos, to be tested for the coronavirus and be identified.

“No one will be allowed to break the rules in our country,” he said, adding that “there will be sanctions against those who prevent immigrants from entering the new structure,” said the Minister of Civil Protection.

He indirectly confirmed information that Greek Police had identified a group of Afghans, mainly delinquent immigrants, who are preventing illegal immigrants trapped on the road from going to the new host camp, believing that this will enable them to leave Lesvos en masse for the Greek mainland.

It is believed that many of the Afghans blocking the roads to the new migrant camps are those responsible for burning down the Moria camp that left over 13,000 illegal immigrants without accommodation.

As the minister said “Greece is a state governed by the rule of law and security is a primary concern both for the residents and for the thousands of immigrants who are on the road and especially the children with their parents.”

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis on Wednesday called for the immediate deportation of any residents of the Moria refugee and migrant camp who may have contributed to a fire that destroyed the facility earlier in the day, as reported by Greek City Times.

“People who do not respect the Laws of the Hellenic Republic and who destroy public property do not deserve asylum in Greece,” Georgiadis said in a post on Twitter.

Georgiadis, who is also vice-president of the ruling conservative New Democracy party, was reacting to allegations that the fire was started by residents reacting to lockdown restrictions and measures imposed after 35 people tested positive for COVID-19.

“Everyone who participated in the unrest must be automatically deported,” Georgiadis tweeted.