Le Pen backs Macron's support for Greece against Turkey

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France’s National Rally leader Marine Le Pen has expressed her support for President Emmanuel Macron in France's dispute with Turkey's aggression against European Union members Greece and Cyprus.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s “threats” target France, Le Pen said on French LCI TV channel.

Le Pen said she “resolutely backs’’ Macron against Turkey despite having “millions of issues’’ between them.

Turkey has not only been threatening and violating Greece and Turkey, but finds itself at odds with France over Libya and Syria too.

Macron said days ago that the Turkish people “deserve more than the Erdoğan government" and that the EU needs to adopt a “united and clear voice” towards Turkey.

He then went onto accuse Ankara of “no longer [being] a partner’’ in the region.

This sparked outrage as Erdoğan hit back at Macron, telling him not to "mess with the Turkish people and Turkey.”

"Mr Macron, you’re going to have more problems with me,” Erdoğan added.

Bruno Tertrais, Deputy Director of the Foundation for Strategic Research, closely monitors the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and believes that in the event of a military conflict between Greece and Turkey, Paris will intervene vigorously, as reported by Greek City Times.

When asked by Skai interviewer SKAI began with Apostolos Maggeriadis whether France would intervene in a Greco-Turkish war, the Deputy Director of the Paris-based Foundation for Strategic Research said “That is an important issue. Let me give you a hunch.”

“Now remember we are discussing very touchy issues obviously, because not all EU members would agree that there wouold need to be a military reaction. But I think if it was indisputably according to the French view of international law, then clearly the French would react militarily. In exactly what way, shape or form I don’t know, but they would have to, they would have to,” he said while nodding.