Turks seeking asylum beat up farmer after illegally entering Greece from Evros

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An unprecedented incident happened yesterday afternoon in Fera, near the Delta of the Evros on the Greek-Turkish border.

Five Turkish citizens who entered Greece illegally to seek political asylum attacked a young cattle breeder when he located them and asked them to wait for the arrival of police officers so they could be the asylum seeking process.

According to exclusive information published on Evros News, the incident that police authorities attempted to keep secret, happened when the farmer from Feres, while watching his cows grazing in the area, noticed five Turks, two men and two women with a child, crossed the river Evros into Greece.

As is usually the case in such cases and has been repeated many times in this area, especially after the well-known migrant crisis that Turkey launched in March, the farmer asked them to sit down and wait until the police came to pick them up to start processing.

As soon as he caught up and sent a message from his cell phone, he was suddenly savagely attacked by the two men and their wives, who started beating him.

The young breeder who was husky reacted and fought with them until police arrived in the area a few minutes later.

In fact, the police arrested them all and took them to the Fera Police Department, where the farmer filed a lawsuit against them for the attack, while they were also charged with illegal entry into the country.

And while the young man was preparing to leave, he was surprised to hear the police inform him that he was also accused, at the request of the Turks.

The information states that the latter "threatened" that they sent videos from their mobile phones to people with whom they have contacts in Greece and they contacted the Hellenic Police Headquarters, blackmailing them and claiming that they were abused.

The farmer remains at the Police Department and today he is expected to be taken to the prosecutor of Alexandroupolis together with the Turks.

The news caused intense upset to the colleagues of the young breeder, but also to all the residents of Fera.