Erdoğan launches new tirade against Greece and Macron

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has launched a new tirade against not only Greece, claiming its behavior is "provocative and childish," but also against French President Emmanuel Macron.

Speaking at the State Medal of Honor ceremony, the Turkish president said that "Turkey is not going to bow to the language of threats or to blackmail, nor piracy."

He went on to claim: "We have argued from the outset that the problem must be resolved through dialogue, negotiation and good neighborly rules," despite sending warships into Greek and Cypriot maritime space and continental shelves.

"Despite the challenges and childish behavior of the other side, we acted seriously to always be a just and great state. In the process of moving to this stage, the logic, composure and sharp attitude shown by Turkey is important. We will continue to show the required maturity and beyond. Those who approach Turkey honestly will understand how fair we always are, but those who test Turkey's patience and determination will get the answer they deserve," he said.

Referring to terrorism, Erdoğan said:

"We will always hold accountable the bloodshed by those who threatened the solidarity and unity of the nation. Just as we do not let the hordes of murderers in the mountains raise their heads, so we do not tolerate their branches in the cities," he said in a likely reference to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Earlier, speaking to the country's governors, the Turkish president spoke out against the French president, calling him "incompetent".

"We will not fall into this trap. What they say; Why is Turkey in Syria, why is it in Libya, in the eastern Mediterranean, in the Caucasus? If Turkey withdraws from Syria, will there be peace in Syria? Will Northern Iraq be cleared of terrorists? If Turkey turns its back on it, will the coup leaders in Libya leave power in a legitimate government? If Turkey abandons everything, could an incompetent and ambitious leader who rules France and does not know what is happening to him, return to reason?" he said without realizing the irony that there is documented evidence that Turkey supported ISIS in Syria and Iraq, while supporting the Muslim Brotherhood government, whose mandate by the United Nations expired in 2017.

Erdoğan also accused neighboring countries and the EU of setting "traps" in Turkey because they are making their own "calculations."

"With the support of our nation, we will continue to do what is good, fair and beneficial for our country," he said.

"Even if the democracy and the economy of Europe and America are completely destroyed, we will continue to claim the rights and freedoms of our country," Erdoğan said as the Turkish currency today reached its all time low to the US dollar.