One witness named five of the six Afghans that burnt Moria migrant camp

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The testimony of a witness and a video posted on social media the night the Moria migrant camp was destroyed by fire led to the identification of six young Afghans accused of setting the fire. In addition to the testimonies of police and firefighters, who described what happened on the night of September 8, the case file includes the testimony of an Afghan national who named five of those arrested as the people who led the arson of the camp.

The sixth detainee was identified by a video posted on social media in which he appears to be setting fire to bushes using a burning cardboard. He is one of the two 17-year-olds who were transported inland the day after the fire, along with more than 200 unaccompanied minors. In fact, at the time of his arrival, he is said to have been dressed in the same clothes he wore on the night of the arson.

Most of those arrested, apologizing to police, denied the allegations and claimed they had no involvement in the events. The Mytilene Prosecutor's Office filed criminal charges against them, including the formation of a criminal organization and arson. They received a deadline and are expected to apologize to the investigator tomorrow.

According to what is mentioned in the case file of the Greek Police, the incidents started when Moria migrant camp employees tried to lead 35 foreign patients with coronavirus and 80 of their close contacts in a special isolation area inside the camp. Illegal immigrants - most of them Afghan nationals - reacted, sparking incidents first with staff and then with police when they arrived. According to the Greek Police, up to 500 people took part in the incidents, while a smaller group of about 200 people vandalized the offices of the Asylum Service. The investigation continues to identify other foreigners who participated in the incidents.