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Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina Greek food

Mary Politis is the woman behind the popular food blog  Mary’s Kouzina. Mary teaches people how to make home Greek-style food, using recipes inspired by her mother and grandmother. She showcases her family recipes to the world.

“These days, we’re constantly looking for nostalgia, and that is what Greek food is”.

Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina Greek Food
Mary's Kouzina
Greek food Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina
Greek food Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina
Greek food Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina

Her aim is to reintroduce and preserve traditional Greek cuisine by encouraging people to go back to their Greek roots and incorporate it back into their daily diets. Some may say that Greek culture is starting to fade. It is up to us to maintain our Greek traditions and heritage and Mary is trying to encourage her blog followers to participate in the making of Greek food thus bringing them closer to their Greek roots.

Greek food Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina
Greek food Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina

Cooking Greek food always brings a sense of nostalgia and takes us all back to flavours from yiayias kitchen or our favourite Greek island. The Greek cuisine is about heritage and memories. With Covid19 and many people cooking a lot more at home this is the perfect time to follow Mary’s Kouzina and recreate some of her recipes. Since we can’t visit Greece, we can bring a little Greece in our home with Mary’s step by step recipes.

Greek food Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina

Mary uploads new recipes daily from entrees and side dishes to main meals and of course the best part, the dessert. In the warmer weather you can visit her blog and have a look on how to achieve the perfect Freddo Cappuccino at the comfort of your own home.

Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina Greek food loukoumades
Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina Greek food Freddo cappuccino
Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina Greek food

Mary has had a passion for food (and especially Greek food) since she was young. Her desire for cooking started by watching her mother and grandmother cook. She used to observe and learn from a very young age. When Mary used to come home from school with her sister their mum used to still be at work. One afternoon after school when she was 12 years old, she remembers preparing and cooking a psarosoupa (fish soup). This was one of the first dishes she cooked all by herself. When her mother returned, she could not believe her eyes. Her 12-year-old daughter had prepared and cooked the meal.

Mary’s mother is from Crete and her father from the Peloponnese region. She is a high-school teacher majoring in Visual Arts and she is very creative and artistic. While studying at university she picked up ceramics which she thoroughly enjoyed. Once Mary began working as a teacher full-time, she started making and decorating cakes in place of  ceramics. Making cakes provided an artistic release and kept Mary connected with her artistic side.

Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina Greek food

This is when Mary’s Kouzina came to life. In 2016 Mary created the page in order to showcase her cakes. Very shortly after, the orders started coming in one after the other and the page gained more and more followers. As the page grew more popular Mary also decided to share her passion for Greek cuisine and started sharing some of her family recipes with her followers.

Fast forward to 2020, Mary’s Kouzina now has 12.8 thousand followers and gaining more followers on a daily basis. In July, Mary showcased Greek food during a cooking segment on Channel 7’s Sunrise. This is an indication of how popular Mary’s blog has become.

Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina Greek food

To see more of Mary’s beautiful meals, you can visit her Instagram page
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Have a look at all the wonderful Greek recipes found on Mary’s Kouzina. If you make any of the recipes, take a photo of your creation, tag us @greekcitytimes and let us know how it turned out. From personal experience, you will not be disappointed.

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