Erdoğan to complain to Merkel about giant Cross erected on Greek-Turkish border (VIDEOS)

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A huge, bright Holy Cross, which was erected in a prominent position in the surrounding area of ​​the Holy Monastery of Agia Skepi - Agia Paraskevi of Nea Vyssa on the Greek-Turkish border, looks especially impressive at night in the Turkish city of Adrianople (Ἁδριανούπολις, Turkish: Edirne) and other bordering Turkish regions, Evros News reported.

The consecration was performed by His Eminence the Metropolitan of Didymoteicho, Orestiada and Soufli, Damaskinos, accompanied by Bartholomew Asteriadis.

Afterwards, the Greetings to the Holy Cross were sung, while the sequences of the holy communion and were attended by the Commander of the XVI Division of Didymoteicho, Lieutenant General Ioannis Vasilakis and the Commander of the 30th Brigade, Brigadier General Georgios Divaris.

2 11The oversized and impressive Cross, as you can see in the video of Anastasia Karlioti, was placed a few days ago at the highest point of the Holy Monastery and was elevated with a special construction, so that it can be seen from miles away.

Residents of Nea Vyssa and other villages in the area see the Cross, but also the police and Greek soldiers who guard the border every night and patrol to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants from various parts of the Greek-Turkish border, see it.

The Turks have clearly been provoked by this as Turkish media says that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will complain about the erected cross to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Penta Postagma said.

"Erdoğan is expected to bring the issue to the table at the critical meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel," Yeni Şafak reported.

"The opening of the gigantic cross of 15 meters high, which was illuminated, was held with a ceremony accompanied by the prayers of the priests the other day. Cross, it has been illuminated to be visible from Turkey. Speaking at the scandalous ceremony, the priests made clear their purpose by saying 'Turks will remember us every time they see this,'" the report also said.