Church in Western Thrace vandalised by unknown assailants

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For the fourth time, the small church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in ​​Nea Petra in Rodopi was targeted by unknown assailants.

Unprecedented vandalism and extensive damage was revealed. It is believed the attack against the church took place in the early hours of last Friday.

The priest of the Western Thrace church alerted the police when he found out that the vandals had used a table to reach the window overlooking the courtyard, removed the protective railings and had broken the glass to enter inside the church.

Then, the vandals threw a Crucifixion on the floor and tore it to pieces, while causing damage to the Holy Table and the Breadbasket.

However, the vandals did not stop there, as they damaged the office, the bar and other parts of the church, looking for money and valuables.

After the desecration of the church, the vandals left without anyone noticing them and the police of the Xylaganis department are conducting investigations to locate them.