MP Syrigos: European states will try to cancel sanctions against Turkey

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A Greek Member of Parliament has said that some European states are likely to try and cancel any sanctions against Turkey despite its continued aggression against EU member states Greece and Cyprus.

“It is certain that some countries will try to move towards the abolition of sanctions against Turkey, said Angelos Syrigos, an MP belonging to the ruling New Democracy Party.

“However, the position of Cyprus, Greece, France, Austria, Ireland and Luxembourg is that there should be a list of sanctions,” added the politician.

Syrigos reiterated on Radio North 98 that “Greece demands that there be sanctions on the table, which – if Turkey returns to the detriment of Greece – be applied immediately.”

He clarified, however, that so far the list of sanctions is oral. The list will take shape after being discussed at the upcoming two-day European Council special meeting that was supposed to begin tomorrow but was postponed for October 1 to allow Turkey extra time to end its violations of Cyprus’ sovereignty that is unlikely going to happen.

The MP, who is also a professor of International Relations at Panteion University, said that the move by Turkey to proceed with violating the maritime space of EU member states and demanding the demilitarization of islands like Limnos, shortly before the start of the exploratory contacts, essentially demonstrates Ankara’s timeless attitude:

“It is a move that suggests that Turkey is entering into negotiations, close, with all its claims on the negotiating table,” said the professor, adding that “Of course, this does not mean that we accept such a thing.”

“I think that lately Turkey has seen reactions from Greece that it did not particularly expect in the diplomatic field. Greece escaped the defensive invocation of international law and showed a willingness to actively seek its implementation,” Syrigos concluded in his discussion with Radio North 98.